2022 Vitality Awards - Deadline to apply November 15th!

2022 Vitality Award

Vitality Awards are offered by the Michigan Conference United Church of Christ through its Vital Growth Mission Area Team (VGMAT).  Your church or UCC ministry group may request a grant of up to $5,000 to support your project or ministry.  The VGMAT will evaluate all requests and grant full, partial, or no funding based on responses to the questions below.

  1. What is the title or name of your project/ministry?

  2. Summarize your project/ministry?
    In a couple of paragraphs, describe an overview of your project/ministry, as an executive summary.  Include your vision, or calling, how it works and why it makes sense.

  3. What need or purpose is being addressed? (20%)
    What unmet need, or opportunity is being addressed by this project/ministry? You may include demographic information or other information that demonstrates a compelling need.  How well will this project/ministry meet that need?

  4. How will this project/ministry impact church vitality? (40%)
    How will this project/ministry increase your church’s vitality: its growth, ministry touches, and its ability to spread the love, teachings, and example of Jesus?

  5. Describe your implementation plan or schedule. (20%)
    How will you get the job done?  What are your measurable and realistic goals?  What is your timeline, schedule, or step-by-step plan?  If you receive this grant, how will the project/ministry continue, or does it end?

  6. What is your financial plan? (20%)
    How will this funding impact your project/ministry financially?  What other funding sources are you using?  Include a budget for this project/ministry and show how this grant will be used.

Due Date (firm): November 15, 2022  - Download the 2022 Vitality Award Application HERE

Please  send grant applications to: 
Vital Growth Mission Area Team
Rev. Cheryl Burke
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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