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SAVE THE DATES! 2020 Annual Meeting

We are excited to announce the dates for the 2020 Michigan Conference UCC Annual Meeting! Please SAVE - Friday &...

Friend's of the Conference - 2019 Appeal

I don’t call you servants any longer, … I call you friends …. (John 15:15) October 11, 2019 Dear Friends: We’ve...

Cultivating Generous Congregations

HOW DO YOU INSPIRE GENEROSITY? The United Church of Christ Michigan Conference and Lake Institute on Faith &...


Planning for NYE 2020 (National Youth Event) is underway!  Youth ages 12-22...

Our Church's Wider Mission

Our Church's Wider Mission is the primary funding source from Local Churches to Conferences, the National Setting and...

Convergence Leadership Project

developing stronger, confident, energized leaders What if someone told you... ...that you could become a stronger,...

Compensation Guidelines

First Approved, September 2012; updated annually.

Salary Grid

Michigan Conference UCC 2020 Clergy Salary Guidelines

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Our Mission

For Christ's sake, equip the clergy and the churches of the Michigan Conference UCC for faithful leadership and effective ministries of spiritual discernment, prophetic integrity, compassionate generosity, and vital growth.

'Into the Mystic' is the Rev. John C. Dorhauer's weekly podcast on UCC.org. The United Church of Christ General Minister and President is creating these weekly messages so that "the art and practice of spiritual reflection is modeled as a priority and not just a part time avocation."


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