Church Yearbook Reporting: Data Hub is OPEN!

It's time to enter your yearbook totals on Data Hub! The National Office has made Data Hub available for churches to enter their report totals - this year Data Hub will be open for Church Reporting through March 4th, 2020 at midnight.
Why is Annual Yearbook Reporting Important?
1: The numbers each church records correlate to the dues that the Association asks for
2: The conference staff looks at those numbers to prepare for their visit if they are bringing any types of paper (or other things)
3: During the search process pastors look at those numbers to figure out the compensation package and to better understand the church dynamics
4: It can be helpful to look at spikes or declines in attendance in specific geographic areas to better understand the narrative behind the fluctuation
Reporting only takes 5 minutes!
Please read these helpful tips before logging in to Data Hub:
Helpful Tips to Know Prior to Logging in For the First Time!

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