Several links listed below will help your church engage in the best possible search and call process. You can access all of these documents (and more) that have already been downloaded simply by clicking this link: 
Search and Call Overview 
• “A Pilgrimage Through Transitions and New Beginnings” is a complete written guide that supports a congregation in a leadership transition from saying good-bye to your current pastor to the welcome and installation of your new pastoral leader.
• “Sailing on Faith: Look Who God Sent” is a video that describes an actual congregation’s search and call process that ended with a joyful surprise. 
Profiles (similar to a Curriculum Vitae or Résumé) 
• Clergy use the online profile system recently launched by the United Church of Christ to search for a church call. Watch this video to learn more about how this system will be used by your church’s Search Committee. 
• Completing a Church profile will be a major task for your Search Committee. The outline for this document is available for download in both Word and PDF formats.
• Online Listing. Once your church’s profile is complete, you will list your church’s opening on the United Church of Christ’s Online Opportunities Listings. Complete this form and email it to 
Merrilyn Vaughn-Hoffman, search and call coordinator. 
Sample Call Agreements (Contracts) and Compensation Guidelines 
Your church’s first task during a pastoral transition will often be to hire an interim minister. 
When your church has narrowed to a final candidate, consult these documents: 
Compensation Guidelines (salary and benefits) for clergy 
• Sample Michigan Call Agreement (contract) in Word and PDF formats. 

Additional information