The Compassionate Generosity Mission Area Team's mandate will focus on challenging local churches and clergy with respect to matters of stewardship and benevolences, as well as securing the financial resources necessary to underwrite the ministry of the Conference and to support the wider church.  The Compassionate Generosity Mission Area Team (or MAT) will assume the mission interpretation responsibilities formerly entrusted to the Commission for Church in Society and World Mission, as well as those responsibilities given to the Stewardship Education Committee and the Finance and Budget Committee.


Conference Staff person: Rev. Dr. Campbell Lovett

A new 30 days set of devotionals focusing on stewardship is available at for downloading or for daily receipt by e-mail. "The Big Secret of Giving: Hidden Treasures in Life and Church" was written by Bill Green, Executive for Faith and Giving of Local Church Ministries (and formerly a pastor in Michigan).

Michigan Conference: Budgets passed

2017 Budgeted Income Narrative

2017 Budgeted Expense Narrative

2016 Budgeted Income Narrative

2016 Budgeted Expense Narrative

2015 Budgeted Income Narrative

2015 Budgeted Expense Narrative

2014 Budgeted Income Narrative 

2014 Budgeted Expense Narrative


UCC Colleges and Seminaries

UCC Health and Human Service Ministries


Upcoming Meetings:

Thursday, January 25, 2018 @ 10:30 a.m.

Michigan Conference office - 5945 Park Lake Rd. East Lansing

Church World Service Kits: Instructions

·      Pack CWS Kits in boxes with only one type of Kit in each box. (Click here for kit content list)

 ·      Complete the Kits Coupon  and enclose a copy in the top of each box before sealing.

·      Indicate the type of Kit clearly on the outside of the box.

·      Secure the boxes with packing tape.

·      Ship all Kits prepaid to:

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